Dear friends!


I would like to welcome you

at the opening ceremony of the FCI Obedience World Championship

taking place in Russia for the first time!


The obedience competitions have been held in Russia more then 10 years. Russian dog handlers have made considerable headway. At the beginning of a long journey only a few people were involved in this kind of sport in our country. At present time dozens of handlers and dogs dedicate themselves to one of the most difficult disciplines of dog sport.

I would like to express my gratitude to our outstanding sportsmen, thanks to whom we have the honour to hold such a great event in Russia. Dear friends, thank you for your persistence and selfless work. This event would not take place without you and especially Russian professional dogs sport would not develop as well. I am very glad that you set such ambitious goals and achieve them despite all odds.

Such big and significant competitions are always an outstanding event. Both professionals and amateurs of this challenging sport are looking forward to it. Very soon Russia will host 100 top handlers and their faithful four-legged friends from the different countries: winners of the most prestigious international competitions as well as those who will defend the sport honour of their country for the first time.

I am sure that the championship will be a real festival due to the great skills of the participants, their excellent physical shape and their desire for success.

I would like to wish everybody a successful work, useful communication and achievement of new goals!


Be patient and persistent in your efforts and the results will not make you wait long!


Alexander Inshakov,

President of the Russian Kynological Federation