Ladies and gentlemen, fans of the sport kynology,  we are very pleased to invite you to the FCI Obedience World Championship!

The Championship for Obedience will take place in the Russian Federation from 30th June to 3d July 2016.

This event will be held in Moscow region, Russia.The place for the event is located about 20 km far from Moscow, it is closed territory that has full own infrastructure - hotels, houses, shops and so on. The stadium is also situated on the same territory. So you don't need a car to drive from hotel to the stadium.

You can reach the place of the event by car or by plan. If you will travel by plan we will help you to travel to the place of the event.


If you have any question, contact our personnel who are happy to help you.


The modern, fully indoor arena belongs to level of the most famous sport facilities. It is located in the main building of the complex. Convenient platform, maintaining a constant temperature are main advantages of this arena.

The surface of the arena is made with the most unique synthetic dustless footing.
Created to provide impact resistance, this consistent and uniform surface provides the perfect mix of dust free and animals safety. This surface remains stable in changing weather conditions, regardless of heat or cold.

  • No dust and mud
  • No insects
  • No rot or mold
  • Non toxic

Place of event

"Vivat, Russia!" is a modern and fully equipped territiry for sportive public events on the world level.

There are all conditions not only for participants, but also for the spectators, who can watch the competition from the comfort stands. Parking, restaurants, cafes, shops, children's playgrounds, recreation areas are also available.


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